Business Process Outsourcing Solutions (BPO)

Time is money when you are processing large jobs in your bureau, and high labour costs can decrease profitability on outsourcing jobs.

Manual entry errors and slow production time can have a negative impact on project delivery.  UpSol have several products that were born in the service bureau environment, so they are built and tested for maximum throughput and minimal labour time when processing scanned documents.

Whether you are a small bureau just getting started or a large outsourcing firm processing tens of millions of images per month, PSIGEN’s powerful document capture and data extraction technology can provide seamless processing capabilities and allow you to output to over 60 different ECM formats.  If you have no ECM we can then use FileBound to provide a powerful home for the created content.

Simple Scan/Import Workflow Setup

Whether you’re scanning documents from a dedicated scanner, network scanning device or microfilm/microfiche machine, or you are importing digital documents from a folder or legacy document management system, PSIcapture provides the integration to make it happen. Our simple setup wizard and document type templates provide for fast job setup and simple job edits, even to existing batches.

Fast, Efficient Quality Assurance

Most capture applications are lacking when it comes to validating data entry and image quality. The PSIcapture QA module has dual views, providing for a simple data view spreadsheet and an in-depth tree view for batch, folder document and page level quality assurance. Perform image processing, bate-stamping, redaction and more with this easy-to-use tool.

Flexibility and Versatility

PSIGEN’s software is flexible enough to deploy in any environment and versatile enough to integrate with the scanning hardware and content management system of your choosing. PSIGEN provides integration with more than 60 ECM systems, allowing service bureaus the freedom to utilise different systems for various jobs as needed. PSIGEN’s scalability makes it the perfect solution for bureaus of any size and layout. For those that need a distributed indexing option, PSIfusion, our browser-based distributed indexing program, provides quality assurance and indexing capabilities from any approved, compatible device.

What can your BPO organisation gain from a PSIGEN solution?

Lower operating costs by introducing automated processing
Improve customer service by decreasing project timelines and increasing accuracy
Take advantage of PSIGEN’s versatile integration options by utilising the scanning devices and ECM systems your business already owns
Scale the solution up or down depending on the changing needs of your bureau

 PSIcapture Service Bureau Case Study – Reducing Processing Overheads

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