About Us

About Us

UpSol are a team of experts who have embraced being a Virtual Company through remote working.  This is a contemporary shift away from the more traditional ‘bricks & mortar’ of corporate offices so naturally it is sometimes misunderstood.   UpSol chose to be a Virtual Company because we strongly believe it’s the best structure for both our team and our customers.

Usually this statement prompts two questions: What does that mean for your employees, customers and partners? How does the virtual nature of our company affect the way you do business?

These are both great questions and we are more than happy to answer them.

The very core of who we are is a team dedicated people who are technical specialists and subject matter experts in a variety of both industry specific and common business practice processes.  The value we deliver to our customers is centred around the advice we give, the professional services we deliver and the software we provide as both cloud-hosted and on-premise solutions.  Because most of what we provide is intangible in that there is no hardware to install and no physical product to ship, we saw no need to base ourselves around a traditional corporate office.

This innovative decision has afforded UpSol some distinct competitive advantages:

  • By freeing ourselves from the constraints of geography means we are not confined to a particular city and can assist clients in any part of New Zealand, or indeed the wider APAC region.
  • Spending less on fixed overheads means we can invest more in product development and improving our solutions, then hire the best people to deliver them.
  • While we often travel to meet our clients in person across the length and breadth of New Zealand, we also utilise video conferencing and remote meeting tools to ensure we maintain personal connections.



The scalability of our solutions coupled with the flexibility of being a Virtual Company means we can help almost anybody, anywhere, at anytime.


Working for UpSol

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Who owns UpSol?
UpSol is a privately owned New Zealand limited company (NZBN: 9429046595713).  We are part of the Ellby Group of companies along with our Australian siblings: UpFlow Pty Ltd and FileBound Australia Ltd.

Are you a new company?
While UpSol was first registered in NZ in 2017, both our team and the solutions we provide have been around for well over a decade.  UpFlow Pty Ltd and FileBound Australia have both historically engaged the NZ market through their strong reseller partnerships.  However, in 2017 a variety of factors coalesced and created the need for us to have a direct-to-market channel based here in NZ to provide sales engagement as well as direct client support.  Thus, UpSol as a stand alone NZ company was born.

Where are you based?
We have embraced being a Virtual Company so  in essence, we are based everywhere.  If you’d like to know more about how us being a Virtual Company is advantageous to both us and our customers, please scroll to the top of this page.