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Digital Transformation

UpSol is able to work with you to determine the best pathway to leverage the latest digital technologies in your business.  This can be as simple as digitising a simple business process or as complex as building a whole new product offering that is based on digital.


Business Process Re-engineering

Do you want to improve your business processes?  UpSol are able to review your current processes, apply best-practice approaches to transformation and recommend a better future state.  Unlike a lot of consultants we are able to take these recommendations and drive a successful implementation.  We can do end-to-end re-engineering of your processes.


UpSol have extensive experience in process migration to the Cloud.  We can move your processes today so that you are getting all the benefits that Cloud computing can offer whilst losing none of the security and stability you have come to expect.

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Avoiding Fake Invoice Scams

Fake invoices and billing scams are an increasingly common problem for the modern business to contend with.  While in NZ there are plenty of organisations warning about the dangers of these scams (e.g.: CertNZ, NetSafe, MBIE), statistics on the scope of the problem are harder to come by because the data relies on people both […]

UpFlow Solutions Limited becomes UpSol Limited

UpFlow Solutions Limited becomes UpSol Limited

Since 2017 you have known us as UpFlow Solutions Limited. During that time we have experienced high levels of growth and are fortunate to have a fantastic customer base that we are honoured to serve.

Reducing Your Biggest Digital Transformation Risk

Reducing Your Biggest Digital Transformation Risk.

Continuous change has always driven good organisations forward. These organisations realise that successful change projects happen only when the human beings involved are kept safe and engaged. Remember organisational change only happens when one or more people change.

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Accounts Payable Automation

UpSol helps organisations of all sizes increase productivity, shorten cycle times,
reduce overhead costs, improve visibility and compliance with financial standards and audits.

Contract Management

Deploy centrally-managed, automated contract creation and contract life-cycle management processes that improve compliance, collaboration and access to information. UpSol can guide you through the transformation of your current contract management processed in a very short period of time.

Human Resource Automation

UpSol can transform your Human Resources processes to help you hire the best possible talent, retain and motivate these resources, and protect yourself from litigation and compliance issues.

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About us

UpSol are experts in Digital Transformation and Business Process Re-engineering with strong domain expertise in Data Capture, Document Management, Organisational Workflow, Electronic Forms, Data Integration and organisational change management.

We use this expertise to deliver solutions for problems in Accounts Payable, Human Resources, Contract Management, Proof of Delivery, Client Management, School Management and many other core work processes.

UpSol and its related entities are trusted advisors to hundreds of companies across New Zealand and Australia.

Contact us now at sales@upsol.co.nz to see how we can help to solve your critical business problems.