One of the biggest challenges of a paper-based workflow is that the overall status is lost as it moves from person to person. Transparency of the process is compromised and there are clinical risks that paper could be lost in transit as it moves between departments. In the absence of a workflow tool, paper documents are sometimes used as a workflow token to generate the next required step or action in a process. However, this compounds the paper challenge by increasing the burdens on digitisation teams and long-term archive requirements.

A FileBound solution can not only provide a DHB with a much-needed document management platform, but can also provide a highly configurable workflow engine to digitally emulate existing processes. Documents can not only be routed between users / groups, but those users / groups can be assigned specific tasks to complete with those documents. At any stage, those involved in the workflow can instantly see the status of any routed document and processing delays can be minimised or in some cases avoided all together.