Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

It is a stark reality that many New Zealand hospitals continue to operate legacy systems.  In some cases, these systems are more than a decade old and lack the APIs / integration options expected of their more modern counterparts.  Compounding this issue are the are roadblocks to upgrading these platforms.  Cost, resourcing requirements, technical expertise, support availability, lack of ongoing product development, and closed / propriety applications are just some of the challenges that an IT department in a DHB will have to wrestle with.   Often the only way forward is to persist with the tried and true method of using people to manually key data both from document to system, and from system to system.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can be the solution to this problem as it can emulate the user tasks involved with this manual data processing.  Robots (more commonly referred to as Bots) can be rapidly deployed to perform these repetitive manual tasks in the same way that a user would.  Using advanced screen mappings and click tracking techniques, coupled with sophisticated workflow options, a Bot can perform these tasks in an automated or semi-automated way to allow the user to perform more meaningful tasks.