Capture Solutions

Most DHBs have physical patient record collections spanning hundreds of meters of shelving and weighing several tonnes.  Tackling this challenge is a two-pronged approach of addressing the back-scanning requirements as well as digitising the day-forward documents.  Both of these initiatives require a robust and consistent method of digitising, classifying, indexing, and migrating the documents that ensures all documents are filed correctly, efficiently, and cost effectively.


It is also important to understand that document capture need not be dependent on a physical document.  Our capture platform can accommodate both scanned documents as well electronic files from non-integrated point solutions.  This is a key factor in deploying day-forward capture as it devalues the historical paper records as they reach the end of their required retention period and are replaced by the more accessible digital record.


UpSol can help from the very beginning of this journey by providing assistance with the scoping policy recommendations through to the provision of a scanning services bureau as well as any ongoing support and training requirements.